RossyBoy’s Flogging A Dead Horse Vol 129

With this many volumes in the bag, sometimes it does feel a bit of a thankless task continuing on, but some of us are gluttons for punishment ! And then again it’s a little easier when you find a nice little tune with a story behind it. The Chiffons successfully sued George Harrison of the Beatles for ripping off their “One Fine Day” to write his “My Sweet Lord”. So the girls must have had their tongues firmly in their cheeks when they recorded Harrison’s song, here at #09 – I wonder who got the songwriting royalties on this recording ?!? There’s a few interesting group names in this set – I hope you find the tunes just as interesting. Just for clarity, the Hot Chocolate on #11 is Lou Ragland’s U.S. version, but The Poets on #20 is the U.K. group. The picture on the cover is long-ago Chi-town. I get an odd comment from some regulars, but I really would appreciate some feedback on these eclectic mixes to see if it’s worth continuing.  RossyBoy

Track list:
01 – Hoagy Lands – Happy Go Lucky
02 – The Right Track – You For Me and Me For You
03 – Jo Ann Garrett – I’ve Gotta Be Loved
04 – Spiedels – Dream Girl
05 – Betty Watts & The Watts – Do Me A Favor
06 – Ruben & The Jets – To Be Loved
07 – Mary Jane Hooper – Teach Me
08 – Waterproof Tinkertoy – Groovy Girl
09 – Chiffons – My Sweet Lord
10 – Ebony Rhythm Funk Campaign – Understanding
11 – Hot Chocolate – We Had True Love
12 – Dee Dee Sharp – Don’t Play That Song (You Lied)
13 – Traces – Why Do All The People Ask Me
14 – Linda Ronstadt – Hurt So Bad
15 – Ames Harris Desert Water Bag Co. – People
16 – Soulettes – King Street
17 – Royals – Pick Up The Pieces
18 – Heptones – Why Did You Leave
19 – The Mad Lads – Michael (The Lover)
20 – The Poets – That’s The Way It’s Gotta Be

Download here from updated link:

4 thoughts on “RossyBoy’s Flogging A Dead Horse Vol 129

  1. Garfield

    Hey Rossyboy, you are seriously throwing down the gauntlet when it comes to posting music that are in a class waaaay above average! Track # 11 is a dagger and very much reminds me of a lost love…ouch! This is a comp that is in heavy rotation on my CD player and Ipod.

    I’m at a loss for words, so I’ll make it short…Thanks, Thanks, Thanks a bunch!

    1. rossyboythesource Post author

      I’m Scottish by birth, Eric. So you’ll have to expect the odd blast of nostalgia from my youth. This one grabbed my ear again recently and I had to share it with you all. Hope you liked it too.

  2. Irish Mash

    Hi Rossyboy,
    Many thanks for the compilation.
    I recently came to your site via South Side Souldiez so got to do some catching up. I haven’t had time yet to listen to many of them but the tracklists sound inviting!
    The couple of mixes I’ve heard are as you said – eclectic – Some proper rare soul, little bit of reggae and some interesting quirky oldies.
    Please keep up the good work.
    Irish Mash


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